Axial SCX 10 Smart Damper system


Four servos adjust the height of each wheel to remain your truck in a horizontal position.

Kit Contains:

1x electronic unit

2x front servo mount

2x rear servo mount

4x servo horn

4x nylon spacers 8x 2,3x8mm screws

16x M3 nuts

28x M3x10 screws

You need 4 standard servos to complete the kit.

Recommended servos are hitec HS-485HB.

You can use servos with similar specifications.

Faster servos could cause malfunction.

More powerful servos could exceed maximum current.

The system does not attempt to replace the conventional suspension.

Visit matsucars youtube channel to see how sds system works.

Maximum voltage is 7,4V Maximum current is 4A

Not compatible with SCX 10 II



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Spanish manual

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English manual

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